The following programs are available as workshops, half-day, full-day or multiple-day intensive seminars. Multi-day, multiple programs and package discounts are available.

Whether you want a one-hour presentation, a keynote speech, a multi-day intensive program or something in between, programs can be formatted to get the results you want. With your input your organizational issues and needs can be integrated into the material.

I Won't Dance Don't Ask Me - Tapping Your Authenticity

From Burned Out to Set on Fire - Reclaiming Your Passion

How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Creating & Maintaining a Gold Medal Team

Rise to the Occasion - Excelling as First Time Manager/Supervisor

Life Balance is Bunk - Juggling Work, Family, Relationships and Personal Health

Mask-ulinity: Revealing the Man Behind

Life Journey - Parent, Mentor & Wise Person

From Boyhood To Manhood - The Journey Begins

The Show is Over - Living an Authentic Life

Celebrating Yourself - Explore, Risk and Live

These topics represent a small sample of Richard Avdoian's repertoire. He also offers training and coaching in stress management, relationships, and other personal enrichment topics that make living life more fulfilling.

Whether you want a one-hour presentation, multi-day intensive training or something in between, Richard will format each program to get the results you want. With your input, he can incorporate your organizational issues into the material.