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Life Balance is Bunk - Juggling Work,
Family, Relationships and Personal Health

Stress is an inevitable fact of life and everyone experiences some degree of stress whether they acknowledge it or not. Chronic stress may be manifested in back pain, headaches, sleep disturbances, decreased work productivity, substance abuse and contribute to severe medical illnesses. Positive reactions to stress can include excitement, challenges and can strengthen our defenses and stimulate us to greater productivity.
The program will take a look at what stress is, what causes it, how you can recognize signs of normal stress, and how you can effectively manage the stress in your life.

Topics include:

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These topics represent a small sample of Richard Avdoian's repertoire. He also offers training and coaching in stress management, relationships, and other personal enrichment topics that make living life more fulfilling.

Whether you want a one-hour presentation, multi-day intensive training or something in between, Richard will format each program to get the results you want. With your input, he can incorporate your organizational issues into the material.